Caramelized onions with jumbo calamari

This is a quick and easy with no carbohydrates recipe. This is my go to on a budget and stay slim recipe 
Six medium onions/red onions, two cans of jumbo calamari 
One cup of chicken broth
Quarter cup of red/white white
You can substitute the calamari for other things like shrimp or sausage, but remember to add butter or oil directions slice the onions, thin or thick according to your preference the thinner cooks faster mix all the other ingredients in a salty to cooked. Add wine last caramelized onions will take you 35 to 45 minutes but this extra time with well will be well worth it. You may also add a bit of sugar if you’d like to have a little sweetness while we are here, on onions have a amazing health benefits, onions, help with immunity, especially during the winter onions help detoxify the body. They are rich in fiber just to name a few benefits.  

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